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You can do this at home on your own computer.  It is one of the best opportunities online today.  Work at home, part time or full time!

U.S. Based Company Committed To Your Success

We are a U.S. based company built on achieving success with integrity, ethics, and values and is operated by a team of dedicated professionals working together toward a common goal: commitment to win-win strategies for our Member’s long-term success and our company’s sustainable future.  Your Success is Our Success.

We are a unique company among Internet-based companies and among network marketing companies. We dare to be so proud and bold as to tell you that this is a very, very special company full of honesty, heart, and determination to give ordinary people a home-based business with which they can generate solid financial security and the freedom to enjoy life as they please.

The Real Joy Of Success
For us, the real joy of success is being able to truly empower you to live life on your own terms - and it can happen amazingly fast!  It is what makes us tick.  It is what makes us strive to offer the very best revolutionary compensation plan along with travel and vacation products that will create a lifetime of memories for you and your family.  It's a genuine opportunity you can feel good about sharing with others.

We are a family.  We welcome you to check us out and if it feels like home to you, stay with us and be a part of this wonderful and exciting venture. There is a different way of living available to you.  It's a hugely different possibility. You need only to reach out and open the door.  You hold the key in your hand right now
. If you keep doing what you've always done, you will always get what you already have.   Make a change today.
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It is not our goal to simply get just another "sign-up".  We Are Looking For TEAM Members.   We help one another so no one is left behind.   If  you would like to learn more about this Exciting Opportunity or have any questions, please enter your Question along with your Name and E-mail in the form below or  just give me a Call.  Your privacy is paramount with us!  Your information is never sold, shared or rented in any form and you are under no obligation for simply asking a question. If you email me, I will respond personally.  It's a friendly and safe environment here. 

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How I Think

I have been an entrepreneur almost my entire life.  I guess I got that from my father who was very much a self-made man.  He could do almost anything including run anything that had gears, levers and wheels.  I once asked him how he knew how to do all those things and his comical answer was, "Just look at who's doing it!"  He's gone now but I have laughed about that ever since.  He never really taught me what to think, but he did teach me how to think.  That set me on a course for being independent minded and very observant at how things are made and how they function.  I have applied this same thinking to my entire life.  If someone else can do it then it clearly can't be that hard.  I love a good challenge and I have to say, I don't mind success at all!  This is why I have chosen Pyxism. This opportunity is astounding to me.  After searching relentlessly for several years to find something that was valid and legitimate, I was thrilled to find Pysism.  My family and I love to travel and Pyxism is the right choice for us.  

I have been married to a marvelous and beautiful wife for many years with two fine adult sons.  We enjoy traveling and are thrilled about Pyxism.  We are all musicians and enjoy recording.  My brother and I used to travel and sing professionally and that has never left me.  I still record often and write songs as well.  In fact, the music on my current videos comes from one of my recordings called "Hold On" where I play all the instruments myself and do the lead vocals.  My wife sings the female backup parts.  I tried but I just can't sound like a girl...HA! 

I just want to say that I appreciate you for watching my videos.  They are getting quite a few views thanks to you.  It is rewarding to see so many responding and it gives me a thrill because I know that Pyxism travel is A-1 and everybody wins.  The business end of it is just what we were looking for.  My videos are real and honest because I like to share good things with my friends and neighbors.  I have always felt that hype is just a condescending method of communication.  It assumes people are stupid.  I just can't go there.  I believe that if you are smart enough to be looking for an opportunity to make your life better, then you don't need me to trick you or manipulate you into "my way of thinking"...right?  I just share what I feel and  believe and leave it there for you to mull over.  I believe that once you hear all about it, then the decision to join my team is simple.  I never have bought into the "If I ONLY HAD A BRAIN" concept.  We do have brains and Pyxism is such a fine organization, who needs convincing?  When you have a company that doesn't gobble up all the profits because they believe everyone should prosper AND they have a first class product offered at deeply discounted prices, it's a win-win situation.   When I came across Pyxism, I was relieved to be honest.  I looked at a lot of companies and found some good ones but I never saw anything that measured to this standard.  That's why I have chosen Pyxism.  I am so glad I did.

 I hope you will join me.   What I like about Pyxism is that once you are in, you are never alone.  We help you unlike the typical online business.  Once I get my initial two sign-ups, anyone else I get, I can add them to my down-line to help you along.  We spread them out to help people get started.  Also, you don't have to worry about them getting into your pocket over and over as is often the case elsewhere.  I do videos and write articles as my primary form of advertising.  So far it only cost me  the price of a camcorder and a $14 domain (for two years total) plus the $299.00 sign up fee and a $50.00 annual administration fee.   Of course, the domain and camcorder are optional.  It depends on how you want to adverstise so you can decide what you want to do. The total Pyxism is $349.00.  Whatever else you do is up to you.  For this I received a corporate website where my friends can sign up, a vacation of my choice and a business that I can work to perpetuate my success.  Not bad at all.  Put that together with the incentives and advance pay that are available and it's a killer deal!  If you have been looking for something real, honest and honorable, this is the one.  My family and I are so glad we became Pysism entrepreneurs.  We're having a blast!

Kindest regards always,